Make your own beautiful greeting card

I am attending a bridal shower this week and I wanted to give a card that was filled with personal touch. I could not find a good card in the market so I decided to make my own.

In few simple steps below I will show you how to make your own greeting card.


  • Stock printed paper – 1
  • Stock pink paper – 1
  • Ribbon (2 colors) – 37 inch
  • Acrylic Rhinestones (Optional)
  • Glue

Paper used for Greeting Card


Fold stock pink paper in half

Fold stock printed paper in half

Step1. Fold both papers in half.

Step2: Insert the pink paper inside the Stock printed paper

Step3: Line up the ribbon inside the card

Step4: Tie the bow knot for both ribbons. Let me know if more pictures are needed in this step.

Step5: Cut the ribbon edges.

Step6: Glue the rhinestones for more decoration.

You’re done. Fill the card with personal message and give it to your loved ones.

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