Dear Readers, I apologize for the long hiatus. This summer was extremely busy time for me and I am busy these months also because of school. But I wanted to share this recipe with you for the holiday season. I hope you will enjoy it.   Read More
This is one of my favorite dish that I enjoy preparing. This is a simple yet tasty dish that is perfect for the hot summer weather.   Read More
I made this light soup that will warm your heart. It is sweet creamy and can be served as a side dish with other entrees.   Read More
I hope you will enjoy this recipe as much as I had. Salmon with basil sauce served on top of wild rice is a very healthy and classic recipe. You cannot go wrong with it.   Read More
This is a quick and easy sweet and spicy salad, especially if you like pineapple.   Read More
This is a wonderful appetizer dish which can be customized with any filling of your choice.   Read More
It was in Rome, Italy where I had my first tiramisu during my work. I remember devouring the dessert quickly and ordering another one to eat at home. I wanted to try and make this dessert for the blog.   Read More
I had ladyfinger for the first time in France during my work couple of years back. Ever since then I have fallen in love with it and I really wanted to make this at home. This is my first try at making it. It turned out pretty good in my opinion. I hope you guys like the recipe also.   Read More
I made this tuna sandwich inspired by a local bakery (Kneaders). This is a quick and healthy recipe. I hope you enjoy it also.   Read More
I was inspired to make this soup after tasting a similar soup at Olive Garden restaurant. Kale is very healthy and it helped my husband who was feeling under the weather last week. I hope you guys enjoy the recipe also :)   Read More
I thought I would try this new twist on salmon recipe with baked potato. I really liked how it turned out. The meal was not dry and the dish tasted really good. I hope you guys like the recipe too.   Read More

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